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Article: Check out some answers to these FAQs!

Check out some answers to these FAQs!

Check out some answers to these FAQs!

Can you use this soap EVERYWHERE?

Generally the soap is safe for use everywhere. It should only be used externally.

What is the best soap for eczema?

Our pick for troubled skin is our Oatmeal Milk & Honey Soap. It is the perfect soap for extra sensitive skin types. The honey draws moisture to the skin and the oats are loved for their soothing capabilities. Our oats are ground in house and are gluten free.

Is your soap safe for babies?

We have been using our soap on our children since birth, and wouldn't consider using anything else. ;-)

Why is your soap better than my current body wash?

Traditional body washes are more of a detergent than they are soap. While they may temporarily make your skin feel soft, long term you will find them to be more drying and irritating than our soaps are. Detergents are for laundry, not our bodies.

Do you have other questions about any of our products? We are available by email at or you can call or text us at 833-237-6279 and we are happy to help. To browse our products shop with us at

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