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Our Story

I, (Jessica) began making soaps as a way to give gifts one Christmas (2012) to family members and friends when we didn’t have the money to buy them. Much to my surprise my brown, natural smelling soaps were a hit that year for Christmas! Everyone loved them! I had friends telling me it was the best soaps they had ever used. Other friends told me that they could use my soaps when they couldn’t use anything else due to skin sensitivities. Some even told me that my soaps made their eczema or psoriasis disappear, or at least become milder.

A Passion Was Ignited

Naturally I LOVE to help others, so when people began to tell me how much the soap helped their skin conditions I began to do hours upon hours of research to make my soaps even better. I continued to give my soaps away for a long time in exchange for feedback, I am so grateful for my “test subjects”, they motivated me and challenged me to keep going. The soaps appeared to be working better and better. More and more people began to hear about what my soaps were doing to help those that tried it. Soon enough I had people coming to me and asking me how much my soaps were. Little did they know they weren’t for sale and that I had never sold any. This is where my husband, Wally, “the business manager” came to the rescue. While he didn’t mind that I wanted to make soaps, when he began to see that my little soap operation had potential…he BELIEVED in the business that it could become!

"Jess’s Soaps" Was Born

In 2013 shortly after our first child Zaidee was born, perhaps one of the most financially challenged and most stressful times in our lives, we decided it would be a good time to make this little soap making operation a business; so off we went to make it all official. We opened a business account with a few dollars we had managed to save, and set out to make our name and brand legit.

With the help of God, my husband, and believing in myself a little, Jess’s Soaps was official. We began taking orders through our Facebook page and invoicing through Square. We did this for a while, and believe it or not, it worked, and we grew! The orders from local customers was what really gave us our start. Orders would come in, and then I would meet people at a common location or deliver to fulfill their orders.

Shortly after becoming official, we decided to add shave soaps to our lineup. A great YouTube reviewer named Nick Shaves reviewed our shave soaps. He did a “lather review”  and a “shave review” on his YouTube channel. The volume of orders that this brought in helped us to realize that we needed to prepare for growth!


Making Changes

In early 2015, we changed our name from 'Jess’s Soaps' to 'Soaps By Jess' and began to look at additional products that we could add. We decided on first adding body sprays and room sprays since our fragrances were so popular already. Then we began making the lotion that so many of our customers had been asking for. The first batch was a flop, it wasn’t what we were looking for. After testing it ourselves and having our “Guinea pigs” test it, we researched and found that higher quality oils like avocado oils and jojoba oils would be a better fit for the “skin loving” lotion we had set out to create. Our next batch was a huge success and lotion has continued to be a part of our product line. Our customers can’t get enough. They keep requesting larger and larger sizes of our lotion.

In August of 2015 we realized our extreme need for a website that would allow our customers to easily and quickly place their orders. Shortly after, we began to work on our website which we launched in November of 2015, and we have only grown from there. In November of 2016, we added the ability for international customers to order directly from our website without having to contact us for a quote. God has really blessed the work of our hands, and for that we are so grateful.

Our Goal

We love the products that we have spent so much time researching and developing and we know you will too. We use our soaps and our children have been bathed in them since they were newborns. Our soaps are mild, and just in case you are hesitant to try fragranced soap due to sensitivities, we do offer fragrance free in all our soaps and lotions.

At Remedy By Jess we are passionate about providing the best possible skincare at a reasonable price. That is why we search high and low for the best ingredients and take pride in producing our soaps in small batches. The fun designs that we add to our soaps are a plus, they allow me (Jessica) to tap into my creative side and make a product that isn’t just good for your skin, but pretty to look at as well.