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This fragrance is a very clean and refreshing blend of spice, jasmine, lavender, oakmoss, sandalwood, and musk. 

Our wax melts are the perfect melts for your warmer! 

Our wax melts are created using beeswax, natural apricot, coconut, soy, and a tiny amount of highly refined food-grade paraffin wax, and paraben & phthalate free fragrance. That means NO harmful toxins are being released into your home to be absorbed by you and your family. 

Directions: Add one or more cubes of wax melts to your warmer.

Removing melts from your warmer: Either absorb wax when warm with a paper towel or stick your warmer in the freezer for about an hour and the melts will easily come out of warmer.

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Cool Waters Wax Melts
Cool Waters Wax Melts Sale price$ 6.00
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